Express job

Sometimes a job has to be done in a hurry. It can be a campaign that needs to be translated quickly, a product that has to be spread to new markets or a customer who has come up with something unexpected. In those cases we are happy to be there for you and provide you with the required service even quicker than usual. Thanks to our multilingual staff at our office on Malta we can perform these kinds of tasks if needed. We are flexible and are there to help you at a short notice.

How we handle express delivery jobs

Express delivery jobs are carried out by our in-house staff at the office on Malta. Rather than delegating them to freelancers we do the job directly at our office. The staff assigned to the task will interrupt other work that they are doing at the time and make your assignment their top priority.

Price for express delivery jobs

As this requires re-structuring our work schedule this service costs extra. For express delivery jobs we normally charge 100% extra.