Translating your website or web shop is one of the easiest ways to reach out to new markets. When suppliers, logistics, staff, and marketing channels are all in place, it is easy to increase your potential market share through the translation of your web page and AdWords campaigns. We are experts in the Northern European languages and are happy to help you with translations.

Prices for translation services

The price is always based on the number of words in the original text.
Different languages have different levels of difficulty and are therefore priced accordingly. The price can also vary depending on how long the text in question is. Technical texts that require specialist knowledge are harder to translate than general texts. This naturally affects the price. In certain cases we will decline an assignment if we have good grounds to believe that we cannot carry it out satisfactorily. In those cases we will always recommend a different company who we think can solve the task for you.

Localisation – Not direct translation

”Localisation” is the term for what we do when we translate the meaning of a text. We do not translate the texts word for word. Instead we find the true meaning of the text before reproducing the same content in the target language. As a result the texts become much better. This is the the main reason why manual translations are still greatly superior to translations performed by machines (like Google Translate).

Our guarantees

There is no reason for Google to direct people to the same text more than once. Consequently, if your content is not unique your website will not appear among the search results. We solve this for you by creating unique texts. We run all our texts through Copyscape to make sure that you’re getting original content.

Our language pairs

English to Swedish
English to Norwegian
English to Finnish
English to Danish
English to German
English – Spanish
English – French
English – Russian
Swedish to Norwegian
Swedish to Finnish
Swedish to Danish
Swedish to English
Danish to Norwegian
Danish to Swedish

Translations of Adwords Campaign

To achieve the greatest possible reward of translating your homepage or web shop we highly recommend that you also translate your AdWords-campaigns. Translating your offer of products and services enables you to reach new markets and expand geographically. In order for such an expansion to succeed you also need to translate your marketing content.

Our translations of AdWord-campaigns ensure that:

  • The translation is correct
  • That the text does not exceed the number of letters allowed
  • That the message is promotional

We can even help you with translating keywords. To come up with the right keywords is crucial, as people’s search behaviour may differ from country to country. Direct word-for-word translations easily result in errors. Read more about the localisation of texts.

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SEO is one of the best ways of increasing traffic online. To succeed with your search engine optimisation you need unique, well-written texts. You need content.

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Translation Services

Translating your website or web shop is one of the easiest ways to reach out to new markets. When suppliers, logistics, staff and marketing channels are all in place it is easy to increase your potential.

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If you already have text, but need help to take it to the next level and attract more readers – we can assist you. Our native proofreaders can fix grammar, localise and make the text more converting, so it feels natural and professional in the target language. Let us help you create a professional and inspiring website.

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