Well-written content makes you appear serious and professional and strengthens trust in your brand. Let us help you take your existing content to the next level. Our proofreaders are native speakers and can assist with everything from fixing minor errors to turning your texts into converting content.

Why is proofreading important?

The key to effective communication with your customers is well-written and error-free content. Trust is built by appearing professional, and that extends from the services and products you offer to how you present them.

Spelling errors, grammatical mistakes and a lack of clarity – these things all contribute to muddling your message and alienating potential customers. Well-written content, on the other hand, has the power to decrease bounce rates and convert visitors to your site into paying customers.

Our editors have the knowledge and experience to help make your content better. Regardless of whether you just want minor fixes or a bigger overhaul, we can help your text reach its full potential; giving you the results you’re aiming for.

How we proofread

Sometimes, you will be happy with the content you have – you just want to make sure that no errors make it onto your website. In that case, we read through the texts and fix any mistakes in spelling, grammar or punctuation.

Other times, you might want more extensive editing. Perhaps the language is not always clear, increasing the risk of misunderstandings, or perhaps the text is stilted and lacks flow. We will carefully rephrase sentences to increase clarity and improve flow – as well as correcting any errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation.

Occasionally you have text that is descriptive, but what you really want is to turn visitors into customers. We will read through the text, improving clarity, flow, grammar and spelling – and also rewrite the text where necessary to make it more selling with the aim of improving conversion rates.

Prices for proofreading services

We charge per word and base the price on the amount of words in the original text. That way, you know exactly what the cost will be from the start. The price per word varies depending on how much editing you require – we offer three distinct price levels that you can view here.

When you order content or translations from us, proofreading of the finished product is always included in the price.


We offer proofreading by native speakers in the following languages:







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If you already have text, but need help to take it to the next level and attract more readers – we can assist you. Our native proofreaders can fix grammar, localise and make the text more converting, so it feels natural and professional in the target language. Let us help you create a professional and inspiring website.

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