Our rates are easy to understand. We charge per word for text and per hour for copywriting. For larger orders (100 000 words and up), we can offer a discount. Please contact us for a quote.

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SEO Content

Content without research

Unique, proofread and SEO friendly articles written based on material that you supply. This option is perfect if you have many products that need descriptions and you have the source material available (e.g. from the supplier).

0.049 EUR/word

Content with research

Our bestseller. This option is suitable if you need a lot of text and want us to take care of the research. Suitable for web shops, satellite sites and affiliate sites. NB: Plus 1 cent per word for Finnish, German and Dutch.

0.06 EUR/word

Converting content

Text written in order to both drive traffic and increase your conversion rate. These are high quality texts on which the writer has spent a lot of time and effort. Suitable for web shops in segments where high quality is important. NB: Plus 2 cents per word for Finnish, German and Dutch.

0.12 EUR/word

Translation Services

Starting at 0.06 EUR/word for the following translations:

  • Swedish Norwegian
  • Swedish English
  • English Swedish
  • English Norwegian
  • English Spanish
  • Danish Norwegian
  • Danish Swedish

Starting at 0.07 EUR/word for the following translations:

  • Swedish Finnish
  • English Finnish
  • English French
  • English Russian
  • English German
  • English Dutch



You already have a text you’re happy with and want to clear it of grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors and other small issues that doesn’t necessitate change of sentence structure or rewriting.

0.03 EUR/word

Proofreading incl. rewriting

We rewrite sentences to make them clearer and more natural.

0.04 EUR/word

Proofreading incl. converting rewrite

We rewrite parts of the text, making it clearer and more natural, as well as making it perform better at turning visitors into customers.

0.06 EUR/word


Sometimes a job has to be done in a hurry. It can be a campaign that needs to be translated quickly, a product that has to be spread to new markets or a customer who has come up with something unexpected. In those cases we are happy to be there for you and provide you with the required service even quicker than usual. Thanks to our multilingual staff at our office on Malta we can perform these kinds of tasks if needed. We are flexible and are here to help you at short notice.

How we handle express delivery jobs
Express delivery jobs are carried out by our in-house staff at the office on Malta. Rather than delegating them to freelancers we do the job directly at our office. The staff assigned to the task will pause the work that they are doing at the time and make your assignment their top priority.

Price for express delivery jobs
As this requires re-structuring our work schedule this service costs extra. For express delivery jobs we charge 100% extra.

Administration fee

For orders smaller than 5000 words there is an additional administration fee of 55€.

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SEO is one of the best ways of increasing traffic online. To succeed with your search engine optimisation you need unique, well-written texts. You need content.

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Translation Services

Translating your website or web shop is one of the easiest ways to reach out to new markets. When suppliers, logistics, staff and marketing channels are all in place it is easy to increase your potential.

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If you already have text, but need help to take it to the next level and attract more readers – we can assist you. Our native proofreaders can fix grammar, localise and make the text more converting, so it feels natural and professional in the target language. Let us help you create a professional and inspiring website!

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