It is important to have excellent content in your web shop. Apart from great images, the web shop needs to offer well-written texts too. A good product text can make the difference between a purchase and a customer who goes back to Google’s search engine empty-handed. Good texts can also make the difference between advancing in Google’s page ranks and an unsuccessful external SEO-investment. Without unique content you run a real risk of your website being filtered out from Google’s search results,  regardless of how much money you have invested in hiring SEO consultants for offline optimisation. Well-written texts that clearly describe your products also create better conditions for customer satisfaction. The right product for the right customer is one of the cornerstones of happy customer relations.

Category Descriptions

It is common to start out with category descriptions. Your customers often browse through category descriptions on their way to specific products, either through navigating your web shop’s menu or because they are directed to the category page from Google. Unlike product texts, whose life span is dictated by how current the product is, category descriptions will in most cases remain online for a long time. It is therefore a good idea to make an extra effort to ensure their quality. Our writers have plenty of experience in writing category descriptions and are accomplished at writing texts in a way that promotes your products in a positive manner. The texts are naturally adapted to SEO requirements and are entirely unique.

Product Descriptions

Just like a physical shop needs staff that knows the selection of products well, your store needs texts that accurately describe your products. The product descriptions are usually the last thing customers read before placing the products in the shopping cart. Well-written promotional product descriptions will convince more customers to click that button.

The risks of not having unique content

The single most important thing about category and product descriptions for your web shop is that they are unique. If you use a text that you have copied from the web (for example from your supplier’s website), you will not make progress in the search engines’ page ranks. There is no reason for Google to display your content if there are already other sites (that have been around for longer) they can display instead. We are good at producing original texts and use Copyscape to make sure all texts are unique before delivering them to our clients.

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